Welcome, here are the best tips, tricks, and step-by-step tutorials on how to save time, money, and headaches working with epoxy resin and live edge slabs.  When I started working with epoxy resin, I turned to blogs and YouTube videos for artists to share their skills in woodworking and basic epoxy skills and techniques, only to find that half of them didn't know what the hell they were doing, or were just trying to sell me the "best epoxy" only to find out the product was horrible for the job!  I have tested and studied epoxy techniques, and epoxy products to REALLY find out what epoxy is best for wood, and any other project you could want to do.  And share what I believe to be the best epoxy beginner tutorials.

Learn Resin Ocean Masterclass

Nita is known for her Resin Ocean Art! From her signature Ocean waves, to her Deep Pour Ocean Tables. It ALL starts here!

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Epoxy Resin Flood Coats

Master the art of perfect Epoxy Resin Flood Coats. Step-by-step video tutorials breaking down the science behind seal coats and flood coats. Discover mixing, measuring, and pouring techniques to achieve a perfect glass-like finish. Whether you're coating your artwork or woodwork. This course is the one for you!

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Epoxy Resin 101 Masterclass

Whether You're an absolute beginner or want to level up your resin game! This course is packed with ALL the knowledge that you need to get started working with Epoxy Resin! Don't waste time and money on the wrong things. Skip the learning curve, and learn today from Nita TODAY! I am spilling ALL THE TEA!


Learn Resin Geode Masterclass

Dive into crafting Resin Geode Art! Learn how to add textures, and layers, creating depth, and tying everything together. I'll show you 3 different geode styles, and after creating each one, you'll level up to advanced! I'll hold your hand along the way, and walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know! (This is a Pre-sell) Course will be ready April 1st

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