About Nita's Fluid Woodworks

About Me and How I Started Nita's Fluid Woodworks.

 Inspired by nature, and driven by motherly instinct to create one-of-a-kind quality pieces.  

Hello all, I'm Nita and this is my story, where to begin is a different question.  Ever since I was handed a tool by my uncle at a young age, I KNEW I was supposed to create.  Though I am a woodworker, I consider myself more so an artist.  

Born and raised in Michigan and often traveled around the beautiful Great Lakes, which inspires my signature Petoskey Tables!   December 15, 2018, I was blessed with my first beautiful baby girl Imani Rose.  She was born with a soft airway which led to many medical bills, which pushed me into a place where I needed to pay for ongoing breathing & swallowing therapy.  This is where I was driven by motherly instinct.   With nowhere to turn for help, except my hands, I took to the garage, which soon led to a full-time business.  I must admit there is a huge learning curve when it comes to woodworking and even more so, resin!  But with a drive to keep your now 4-pound baby breathing and able to go to therapy, YOU LEARN FAST!  And this is how Nita's Fluid Woodworks was started. I pushed myself to learn the ins and outs of the trade, reading, watching, and studying the art of woodworking.   I was famished from days and nights with little to no sleep, between fulfilling orders, and a new baby.  It all paid off, she got the care she needed thanks to U of M, and I now have a thriving business.   Now I am blessed with my second baby girl Kehlani Lee (Goddess of sea & sky).  I believe that anyone can create this beautiful art that I create and I use my social media presence to help any with a drive to learn in the world of resin!  I strive every day to learn something new, and bring my visions and dreams to life! This is my dream, this is my journey!  I welcome you to be a part of it! Nita

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