Do’s and Don’ts  Maintenance your wood cutting/Charcuterie Board

Do’s and Don’ts Maintenance your wood cutting/Charcuterie Board

Maintenance Do's and Don't for Your Charcuterie/Cutting Boards. So you just bought your first wood cutting board or charcuterie board or you've had it a while, and it's needing some TLC.  It is super important that you regularly care for your board, or else it'll crack, warp, and just look horrible!  Either way, there are a few Do's and Don'ts!  It can be confusing what to do when there's so much dispute between every topic you can look up on Google! I have seen stickers on some wooden cutting boards from home stores, saying to oil with olive oil or something RIDICULOUS like that!  That being said :


  • Ever oil a wooden surface with vegetable oil, olive oil, or any other cooking oil! EVER!! 
  •  Never ever put your wood spoons, cutting boards, charcuterie, or serving trays in a dishwasher!
  • Lay your piece flat when drying!  This will cause them to cup, warp, and crack. 
  • Also, don't submerge your board in water, give it a shower, NOT a bath!  Say it again- NO DISHWASHER!!
  • Don't use harsh chemicals on your wooden surfaces, instead HERE is a recipe for deep cleaning your board! 


  • Hand wash your board/spoon and dry it vertically, with all sides exposed.
  • Oil regularly, &  use mineral oil, butcher block oil, beeswax, walnut oil, or any other oil that won't go rancid 
  • Here is a recipe for deep cleaning your boards: First rub the board with lemon juice or white vinegar. Sprinkle (sea)salt on top and take a paper towel or a clean dishcloth. Rub the salt and the juice or the vinegar over the shelf and leave it to soak for 15 minutes. This makes the cutting board squeaky clean. Rinse the cutting board and dry it with a cloth or paper towel. It is important that the board is well-dried(24 hours) before oiling or using board butter. The oil or board butter will be absorbed better that way.
  • Wipe your boards down after use, using mild dish soap, and let dry thoroughly before applying wax/ oil.  


So these are the Maintenance Do's and Don't for Your Charcuterie/Cutting Boards when it comes to caring for your wood cutting board, charcuterie, or wooden spoons.  There's more that applies to this as well, such as wooden bowls, live edge charcuterie boards, trays, etc.  You'll know when your board is thirsty, you'll see it!  Just follow these basic guidelines and your board will last generations!  Also, if you do any of the "Don'ts, it can void your warranty such as submerging your board, putting it in a dishwasher or using harsh chemicals.

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