What Is The Best Oil Finish Live Epoxy Edge River Table

What Is The Best Oil Finish Live Epoxy Edge River Table

What is the best oil finish for a live edge epoxy river table? Why? When choosing your finish these are the questions you must ask yourself, for a long-lasting piece. When doing an oil finish, I use one of three products. These are the product and the reasons why I chose them for use. It's just as important as using the correct type of Epoxy Resin for the proper application. In my Blog, I show different applications and types of Epoxy Resin for different needs.

Related Products

Odie's Finishing Oil

Odie's Oil


With out a doubt Odie's Oil is my first choice for best oil finishes. Odie's Oil is an amazing, Food Safe, Solvent Free, Non-toxic Wood Finish and Stabilizer. Easy to Use. Lustrous Sheen In One Coat Odie's Oil is great for all species of wood, exotic and domestic. Formulated to work on even the oiliest of woods. It gets better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful! Contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen for your wood! This is why it's my top choice for the best oil finish for live edge river table.

Rubio Momocoat Finish

Rubio Monocoat


Rubio Monocoat is my second choice for best oil finishes because:

  • 100% VOC-FREE
  • Water resistant (suited for kitchens and baths)
  • Resistant to heat up to 212 °F
  • For all kinds of wood (solid wood, reclaimed wood, veneered wood, MDF, etc.)

Osmo Polyx Finish

Osmo- Polyx

Osmo Polyx-Oil is a professional, Satin-Matte floor finish of particular durability and resistance for interior solid wood floors, cork, wood trim, and panel goods. Meets wood's natural demands; Micro-porous, water-repellent, dirt, and wear resistant. Will not crack, flake, peel, or blister. Resistant against water, wine, beer, coffee, and fruit juices. This is why it is my third choice for best oil finishes for Live Edge Epoxy River tables.


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