How To: Measuring Epoxy Resin. 1 Cup vs. 2 Cups

How To: Measuring Epoxy Resin. 1 Cup vs. 2 Cups

How To: Measuring Epoxy Resin. 1 Cup vs. 2 Cups

How To: Measuring Epoxy Resin. 1 Cup vs. 2 Cups. A grand debate! Measuring Epoxy Resin. Why? If you are just beginning, here is why using one measuring cup is more efficient than using two cups. I've been using Epoxy Resin for over 5 years now and I've learned a lot of things along the way. One of which is what is the most accurate way to measure Epoxy and how using two cups can affect your work and quality of your products. This is becoming more and more a subject I see with others using epoxy resin and wanted to put my insight and opinion out there as well just because if you're looking for efficiency, quality, and an understanding of why people some people only use one cup,

When I started out I was using two cups for my projects. There were issues sometimes with pours being tacky/gummy and not being the quality I wanted. I was making sure I was checking the amounts I put into cups so it shouldn't have been an issue right? Then I saw a video from Good View Woodworks explaining the importance of making sure you're using one cup and why.

Did you know that the measuring cups are mass produced? It makes the lines not accurate at. I didn't until I checked one day. Watching my Youtube video, shows you that 20 oz. of water in a cup can be 24 oz. in another. are MY reasons for only using one cup to make my products. Again, I know everyone has different opinions, and these are my own. If you disagree, please come to my Youtube and lets discuss!

Measuring Epoxy Resin

  1. First and foremost! Make sure your epoxy resin and hardener are the consistency you want them to be. Personally I have a bucket I fill with warm water to set them in if they are too thick. You can use a plastic tub with warm water, put them in your sinks/tub in warm's your choice. For me a bucket with warm water is more efficient and takes less time.
  2. Use the proper cup or bucket for your project. If you are making a small project, use a small cup. By using a bigger cup or bucket you lose product . You can scrape and scrape, but you will not get all of the product out of the container you are using. ALWAYS make sure to use the proper size for your project. Plus if you don't have a resin that has a long pour time and you have to make another batch things may go wrong. Time and efficiency.
  3. Due to mass production of the measuring cups/buckets, most are not properly marked . The lines are not properly marked. This means if you are using two cups you could get 20 oz. of epoxy resin in one and 24 oz. of hardener in another, therefore possibly ruining your project or having unwanted results. Plus it wastes time!! Using one cup stops these issue.
  4. If you are using two cups and pour the one into the other, you CANNOT get all of that product out of the cup. Which means you are losing an amount of your epoxy/hardener in the second cup which could have an effect on your project and wastes time. You'll spend more time scraping trying to get it out of the second cup and wasting the time you should be pouring.

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