Epoxy Resin Finish That Doesn’t Scratch?

Epoxy Resin Finish That Doesn’t Scratch?

An Epoxy Resin Finish That Doesn’t Scratch?? YES!! 


Do you know that it was possible to have an epoxy finish that DOESN'T SCRATCH??? IT'S TRUE!!! YOU CAN! This is the best epoxy resin finish that doesn't scratch!

This is what I use on my skateboards and longboards!  You didn't think I was going to send people out there with a fragile piece of art to ride their hearts out on, did you?


The ONLY downside this MAY have, is that you will NOT have a super glossy surface. Within 24 hours of rolling THIS FINISH on, you'll have a REAL scratch-resistant/ non-scratch surface! The upside is that in 9 hours it's dry, usable, and WON'T SCRATCH AFTER 24 HRS!!!

The Ultimate Top Coat

"THE ULTIMATE TOP COAT" is made by Stone Coat Countertops. This works with any epoxy finish, though they use it for their countertops!  As soon as they released the product, back in July 2020 I saw the potential in conjunction with what would have been fragile projects. I use it in multiple situations, where durability outweighs the glossy finish. Let's say you or a client has pets, kids, and grandkids in a lived-in house. You want a luxury epoxy river table with durability that will outlast any other!

Stone Coat Epoxy

(Click any of the blue text or photos to be taken to purchase

That's A Small Bottle! 

This bottle covers about 50 sq ft. for $50 a bottle and the resistance to scratching it gives, it's well worth it!  

 It's also available now in GLOSSY!

Stone Coat Glossy

I will make a YouTube video on the application of this "Epoxy Resin Finish That Doesn’t Scratch" process, tomorrow, and add it here, on Monday.  Showing the resistance after just 24 hours!  And no, I'm NOT sponsored,  this is an unbiased review and recommendation. I have been using these products long before I became an affiliate. I am however an affiliate with the products that I use, and will NOT recommend something I do not wholeheartedly believe in!

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